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Deleuze & Guattari

I’m so loving the Anti-Oedipus thing. Its the parts I really like from Jacques Lacan, the Lacan who speaks in his own language about high magick like no “occultist” ever did. Yet deeper.

It is high magick.

This book is the Lacan who suggests that maybe psychosis is the answer to human nature, it is when he tells you that Law and Order are destroyed when you banish the “Name of the Father” and your unconscious self manifests back through the Real. It is seems to be all about this pre-edipical zone where the Father has been annihilated.

So, Oedipus is just a nuisance. The cage. The thing we should forget about so we can proceed with our exploration. The mould to be broken.

"Libido" energy which is transformed into the "Numen" energy which animates the Anima Mundi (and what is Voluptas then?). The energy of our unconscious formations which is liberated when the Name of the Father is foreclosed, feeding the paranoid machine, then the miraculous machine. The whole breakdown process. It all makes sense. It all makes so much sense.

Deleuze & Guattari, it seems it is about getting deeper into the parts of Jacques Lacan that I’ve loved. This discovery is for me a very special event. I’m reading the Anti-Oedipus armed with a pen and a fluorescent marker. I usually conceive books as sacred and never write of them, but I need to write and go back and forth within it. “Maybe this time I’ll find the key to leave the labyrinth”, I think as I proceed to decipher their writing.

Remove all outlets for convenient escapism and excuses that justify complacency, until you are forced to recognize that the oppression you experience are circumstances that you have consented to. You are not a slave destined to mourn your submission. Your agony is unrealized potential. Focus on utilizing your pain as motivation to persist through the discomfort of anxiety, redirecting your discontent in a way that entails expression rather than repression. Begin to vividly experience your excruciating inner turmoil bleed out into the bliss of self empowerment.
Paul John Moscatello (via liberatingreality)
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