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I just uploaded the first screenshot for Skool Daze Reloaded, a remake I’m doing of an old-but-gold 80s videogame I loved when I was a kid, and in which you could do stuff like rename your teachers’ names, you had to go to classes and try to change your terribly bad grades and well, it was a fucking cool school simulator.

I’m programming it in Unity3D through my label White Hole Studios and trying to add features and gameplay to it so it becomes playable in our days.

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Daniele Watts: Django Unchained actress detained in Los Angeles after being mistaken for a prostitute

Welcome to Murrica the Land of the Free, where if a black woman kisses a white man, police thinks she is a prostitute.

What an awful country to live in.


give yourself over to the wolf. let it eat the parts of you that are sick, that are damaged beyond salvage. let the wolf in and let it clean house, and let it leave again. the wolf knows which parts must be swallowed. you do not need what it takes, and where it bites you the wounds will heal. let the wolf in and let it eat you, and let it leave again.  

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